At iCreate we can bridge the home and school with equally successful outcomes.

What schools have to say

I can’t think of a better way to show how children synthesize information.
– Educator, Denver Public Schools, CO

SAM Animation is the standard for what educational software could be.
– Educator, High Tech High, CA

Students are empowered to demonstrate their own learning.
– Educator, Boston Public Schools, MA

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The students are so engaged that they are having such rich content conversations in their groups. The hands-on nature has appealed to many different types of learning styles, too. Everyone is on task and making a contribution. The technology tool, SAM Animation, truly is a facilitator allowing for real world skills to be developed and core curriculum to be front and center.
– Instructional Technology Specialist, Massachusetts, USA

Students were asked: Doing this project, I feel that a) I know more about the explorer than I did before or b) my knowledge of the explorer hasn’’t changed. Almost 100% have chosen “a”.
– Fifth Grade Teacher, Massachusetts, USA

SAM is a great way to assess and solidify student’s’ understanding of certain concepts, but it also helps them develop cooperative working skills, creative thinking, and simply enjoy learning. We can’’t wait to start our next SAM project!
– Teacher, Minnesota, USA

SAM gives students of all ages opportunities to show what they know in an artistic, engaging and non-threatening manner. And they have fun while they learn!
– Teacher, Massachusetts, USA

I love how SAM is both easy to use and affordable so that I can share the magic of making stop motion with my 5th grade students and stick to a very limited budget!
– Teacher, Iowa, USA

What parents have to say

The most fabulous part is that even though they are only little kids, they are able to use the software all on their own.
– Parent, Australia

It is refreshing as a parent to see an app that is not a game or simply a way to drill kids on subject matter.
– Parent, Massachusetts, USA

It’s amazing how easy it is to use and inherently teach at the same time.
– Parent, Venezuela, South America

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I tried a lot of a demo versions of stop motion software out there, and my 8-year old loves your version the best. Thank you!
– Parent, USA

My 12 and 10 year olds learned SAM animation at a summer camp affiliated with their school and LOVED it! It was amazing how incredible the movies were. I was stunned and sooo excited!
– Parent, California, USA

It makes them feel really big to be able to think about a story and then create and film it is so much better than spending their time playing computer games!!!
– Parent, Australia

Thank you for all your help and assistance, I must say I am very impressed with your level of support.
– Parent, UK

I am very impressed with the added customer service you have given me! You went above and beyond and I really appreciate it!
– Parent, Tennessee, USA

Each school is unique and we recognize how to meet every students’ needs.

Watch video testimonials with students and teachers talking to the learning efficacy of our product in the classroom.

Fifth graders talk to their learning experiences in making stop-motion videos to illustrate geological formations.

Teachers reflect on how stop-motion enables them to truly identify their students’ understandings.

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